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copper c92200 czech republic

C92200 | CuSn6Zn4Pb2 | Leaded Tin Bronze - Copper Alloys

ASTM C92200. An American continuous cast leaded gun metal CuSn6Zn4Pb2 also known as "Navy M". This is a general purpose bearing alloy with added lead for machinability. It


C92200 Alloy, C922 Leaded Tin Bronze - Concast

C92200 Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys by Concast have a lead content between 7 percent and 15 percent. View Spec Sheet on C922 alloys for more details. ... Copper Alloy UNS No.


Alloy Grade UNS: C92200 Copper-Tin Alloys - MetalTek

Overview. C92200 is a copper-tin alloy with high tensile, yield, and compressive strength as well as wear resistance. It is 88% copper and contains lead, tin, and zinc. This alloy is


Bronze – Copper Casting Alloy UNS C92200 -