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cucdl copper and aluminum communication substrate

Effect of Current Density on Crystallographic

2020828 · Electroplating of copper on aluminum substrate was prepared from copper sulfate electrolyte bath with various current


Cuprous Chloride Nanocubes Grown on Copper Foil for

2014919 · All the chemicals were of analytic grade and used as received without further purification. In a typical procedure, Cu substrate was cut into 1 × 1 cm 2 pieces

: Bosi Yin, Siwen Zhang, Xin Zheng, Fengyu Qu, Xiang Wu

(PDF) Electroless Copper Deposition into Anodic

201891 · PDF | On Sep 1, 2018, Vesselina Milusheva and others published Electroless Copper Deposition into Anodic Aluminium Oxide on Aluminum Substrate |


Electrolysis of a molten semiconductor | Nature