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570-750 dezincification resistant copper rod

ISO 6509-2:2017(en), Corrosion of metals and alloys

Determination of dezincification resistance of copper alloys with zinc ? Part 1: Test method; 3 Terms and definitions. For the purposes of this document, ... JIS H 3250, Copper and copper alloy rods and bars [5] EN 12288, Industrial valves. Copper alloy gate valves [6]


Determination of dezincification resistance of copper

202338 · Test of dezincification resistance for copper alloys with zinc (e.g. brass) according to ISO 6509-1 is performed on materials that will be exposed to fresh, saline


Dezincification of Brass 2 col v2 - Copper

2023213 · In general, the all-alpha alloys exhibit resistance to dezincification regardless of the alloying additions; alloys containing small quantities of well dispersed beta phase completely enclosed by alpha or, in the case of tin-bearing brasses, a delta (tin-rich) phase also exhibit dezincification resistance. All of the other duplex alloys dezincify.


Preventing and Treating the Dezincification of Brass