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ak2 алюминий Гана

--AK1 or AK2

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AK2(Active)| Abcam

AbcamAK2(Active) (ab),FuncS,SDS-PAGE,MS。,。 Present in most tissues. Present at high level in heart, liver and kidney, and at low level in brain, skeletal muscle and skin.


Prognostic and therapeutic potential of Adenylate kinase 2

20191128 · Adenylate kinase 2 (AK2), an isoenzyme of the AK family, may have momentous extra-mitochondrial functions, especially in tumourigenesis in addition to the well-known control of energy metabolism.

: Huibin Liu, Yan Pu, Quhai Amina, Qiang Wang, Mengmeng Zhang, Jianzhong Song, Jun Guo, Mahmut Mardan


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